Nick’s Story

Nick King was 18 when he was diagnosed with leukemia at Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

His care was eventually transferred to an oncology group in northwest Arkansas, closer to his home in Bentonville. His treatment protocol consisted of IV chemotherapy and IT (intrathecal – into spinal canal) chemotherapy drugs.

One of the IV chemo drugs in his treatment protocol was Vincristine. Vincristine is fatal if administered by any route other than intravenously (IV).

On December 19, 2013, his treating oncologist incorrectly administered Vincristine through a lumbar puncture by syringe into his spinal canal. The oncologist realized what he had done about 10-15 minutes after he did it.

Nick King spent the next 3 months of his life (his last 3 months of life) in a hospital bed experiencing ascending paralysis.

Ascending paralysis is a condition whereby the patient progressively loses feeling from the toes up to their neck until left a quadriplegic.

Nick King died a quadriplegic in a nursing home on hospice care at 20 years old. The case was resolved by confidential settlement, but lawyers for the Defense continuously used the fact Nick had no proven earnings history to discount the value of his life and value of case.

With Issue 1 in place, there would be a $500,000 price tag on Nick’s life even if a judge and jury believe the amount should be higher.